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Festooning System

We are a Festooning Systems Supplier based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Festoon systems are mobile supports for electrical cables, pneumatic and hydraulic lines, and other mobile equipment that allow the cable to travel without fouling with a hoist, trolley, or other mobile equipment. Festoon systems are available in a range of sizes and designs to accommodate round or flat wires and hoses.

The Festoon System is the conventional method of transmitting energy via cable. This system's primary uses are for mobile power consumers such as cranes, monorails, electric hoists, machine tools, car wash systems, plating lines, and so on. There are various advantages to using this feeding system: - Safety - the cable is flame resistant, and the conductor is totally shielded; - Versatility - it may be used for straight rail as well as curve rail, for indoor and outdoor applications; - Ease of installation; - The line's maintenance is extremely low.

Lifting Slings Supplier in Ahmedabad

We provide full range of Lifting Tackles and Material Handling Accessories.

Involves in manufacturing a major range of lifting tackles like wire rope and fittings, chain and chain slings, polyester slings, lifting clamps and all other lifting end fittings.